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Blues Vs. Sharks Game One: Second Period Score: Havlat Scores, Puts Sharks Up 1-0

That wasn’t the period that the Blues probably wanted as a whole. Portions of it, especially the end of the period? Yes. The entirety? No. The playoff experience for some is showing, but the inexperience is also not helping the Blues.

David Perron began the hiccup with an ill-advised slashing call behind the play. The San Jose Sharks smelled blood in a suddenly discombobulated Blues team, and broke out their second overall power play for a Martin Havlat goal:

As the NBC guys called it, that was a touch of “accidental interference” by Havlat on Alex Pietrangelo on the play, but it doesn’t matter – the goal counted, and it was enough to throw the Blues off of their game for the rest of the period. They were 0-for-2 on the power play, which is an area that the Blues can turn on the jets if needed. The final five minutes of the period was Bluenote domination, and that needs to carry over into the third period unless the Blues want to be down 1-0 in the series.