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2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, Blues Vs. Sharks: Sharks Take Game One In Double OT

After a full overtime period, you can’t fault anyone for being tired. Unfortunately, after tonight’s 3-2 two overtime loss, the Blues have a bit to stay awake over. Converting when you have momentum’d be a good place to start. The Blues peppered Antti Niemi with 14 shots the first OT and controlled the pace of the play throughout most of that period.

The Blues could win in shots (and they did, 42-34), but that’s not what wins you games. Unfortunately Niemi was absolutely in the zone tonight, thriving on the work. By the time that the Blues made it to their second OT, they were absolutely pooped, and Martin Havlat’s second goal of the night found its way past a slowed Jaroslav Halak for the win.

No one expected the Blues to sweep in the first round, and losing one game isn’t the end of the world. There was a lot of good to take away from that, especially the fact that the Sharks could have the pace of the game dictated to them. If Niemi is off his game on Saturday night, the Blues could exploit him. If he’s not, well, look for another two OT game. Thank goodness it’s on a Saturday.