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Nyjer Morgan Trolls St. Louis Blues Fans

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan once again set his sights on St. Louis sports fans for blowing off a little steam. After the Brew Crew was dealt an 8-0 thrashing by the Cubs on Wednesday, Morgan took to Twitter for a little trolling, tormenting St. Louis Blues fans after the team's double-overtime loss to the San Jose Sharks.

Naturally, Twitterinos took the bait, throwing a variety of responses back at Morgan.

Clinical trolling. Nevertheless, Morgan does have deep roots in ice hockey and even a connection to the Sharks.

Morgan, a Bay Area native, grew up playing hockey. He even spent a year playing junior hockey in Canada with the Vernon Vipers and Regina Pats. Morgan practiced with the Sharks during the season.

It just so happened that his NHL rooting interests lined up nicely with his one of his other passions, spitting at St. Louis sports fans.

Here's Morgan practicing with the Sharks ... and explaining his love for Twilight.