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2012 NHL Playoffs, Blues Vs. Sharks Game 2 Final Score: Blues Get Shutout, Ties Series 1-1

The chippiness of the game didn’t calm down any as the third period chugged onward. T.J. Galliardi has the dubious honor of beginning the gladiatorial melee with this board on Andy McDonald:

The penalty was questionable, as the hit would have looked fine on a taller player (and McDonald shouldn’t’ve been looking downward), but two for boarding was the call.

As physical as the period was, especially on the Blues’ part, the Sharks controlled the shot total 9-6, but the Blues controlled the game. On a 5-on-3 thanks to a double roughing to Dan Boyle, Andy McDonald scored on the third rebound on Niemi.

That is, of course, when all hell broke loose. Lost in the fighting is the fact that this was the Blues’ first playoff win in eight years, but there’s not enough celebrating going on thanks to the after the horn messiness.

Personally, I’ve always been of the belief that you make your point on the scoresheet, not in the penalty column. The solid defense is what won the game for the Blues and tied the series 1-1. That, and improved offense, is what the Blues need to focus on.