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St. Louis Blues Vs. Sharks: Alex Pietrangelo Pops Logan Couture (GIF)

There's a certain zen fluidity to this GIF of young St. Louis Blues star Alex Pietrangelo popping the San Jose Sharks' Logan Couture after the buzzer following the Blues' 4-3 Game 3 win Monday night—he just keeps flowing from the top of the frame back to the bottom, like a barber pole bent on getting in one last shot on a hockey player, which might not be my best metaphor ever. Have a look:

I could watch it all day. Which is not to say I haven't been watching it all day already. There's something in the matter-of-factness about it, too; it looks like he was just on his way to pick up some groceries when he saw he could complete two errands at once by also getting this last hit in.

Oh—okay, sorry, I got distracted for a minute. Just kind of watching it, and all. If someone could only loop it so that he walks all the way off screen, and the back again... Yeah, I don't—yeah, you can just let yourself out. I'm going to hang out in front of this a little while long.