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Blues Vs. Kings, 2012 NHL Playoffs Game 1: Blues And Kings Tied 1-1

So far, the game is what has been expected. If the words "goaltending duel" were mentioned once, well, they were mentioned a billion times across the hockey-sphere. It could very easily be 3-1 St. Louis if not for Jonathan Quick making some saves that bailed the Kings out multiple times. The Blues had 13 shots on goal, and Quick made twelve outstanding saves. Only one goal snuck by Quick: this re-directed tip from David Perron off of an Alex Pietrangelo slapshot:


Note well David Backes' positioning screening Quick -- the only way that Quick could have seen that shot would be if he had X-ray specs.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the ice seemed tilted that period towards the Kings' goaltender, a snafu on Barret Jackman's part allowed the puck to get onto Slava Voynov's stick. Watching the puck is great, but watching the player is better -- and that's exactly what didn't happen here as Voynov was left wide open.

The Kings' 11 shots on goal didn't seem to be quite as high-quality as the Blues' 13 on Quick, as the pressure and the control was all St. Louis. Keeping that up all game would be helpful, as sooner or later Quick has to crack... right?