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2012 NHL Playoffs, Kings Vs. Blues Game 3: Game Time, TV Coverage And More

The Blues have not had the second round that they wanted. Outscored, outmanned, and simply outplayed, they're now in a two game hole to the Los Angeles Kings. The worst part is that they lost those two games at the Scottrade Center, and now get to travel to Los Angeles to bounce back. It's a tough hole to climb out from, especially when you're rattled.

The Kings have lost one out of the two playoff games played at home this post-season, a mere speedbump on their way to eliminating the Vancouver Canucks in five games. If the Blues don't want to be a speedbump, they need to focus and actually play with effort, which is the opposite of how they have played the last two games.

Captain David Backes seems happy to be on the road, away from distractions. The Blues were an average 19-16-6 away from home, but after those first two games, the only way to go is up. Says Captain America:

''It's good to get away from home and all the people that told us how good we were all year,'' Backes said. ''We've had a little trouble dealing with success, with all the talk about Presidents' trophies and Jennings trophies ... and now we're stumbling on our toes.'..

''We've had times in the season where we've all bought in, and we've had times when we're half in, half out,'' said Backes, who had two assists in the Blues' 5-3 loss in Game 2. ''That's where we are right now. ... Enough is enough, and we've got to determine as a group if we're going to attack this thing, or if we're going to tuck tail and run.''

Blunt and to the point, Backes is basically tired of what is going on, and the fans can't blame him. You can be as good as gold, but when you start believing you are, that's when you have problems.

Tonight's game starts at 10:00 on the NBC Sports Network.