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Kings Vs. Blues, 2012 NHL Playoffs Game 4: L.A. Maintains 2-1 Lead After 2 Periods

The St. Louis Blues are still trailing 2-1 to the Los Angeles Kings after two periods on Sunday afternoon, leaving them just 20 minutes of play away from being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Blues are down 3-0 in the seven-game series to the Kings and can't afford another loss, but they're losing at home in Game 4 with just one period remaining.

After a first period that saw three different scores, neither team was able to notch a goal in the second period. After the Kings had a 10-4 advantage on shots in the first period, the Blues responded in the second period with a huge 13-3 differential in shots on goal, but they couldn't find that game-tying score.

Now, the Blues are looking at a one-goal deficit with just 20 minutes remaining on their season. After posting the second-best record in the Western Conference during the regular season, being swept by the No. 8 seed would have to be considered a major disappointment. Right now, things may be going in that direction.

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