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2012 NHL Draft: St. Louis Blues Select Defenseman Jordan Schmaltz With 25th Overall Pick

Jordan Schmaltz was projected at 38th overall by Central Scouting and TSN, and the Blues gave him a bit of a bump by drafting him 25th overall. The big kid from Wisconsin will be attending the University of North Dakota next season.

He’s 6’2", 189 lbs, so he’ll be a project for the Blues. Luckily the Blues have decent depth at defense and have the time to bide as the youngster adds weight along with experience. He’s not going to be oversized or huge on the blue line, but since his strength is scoring size might not matter quite so much. He was second in the USHL in points, scoring 41 points in 55 games (10-31-41).

There might be some reconditioning needed for Schmaltz, however. Mental reconditioning. According to’s draft prospect card, his favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks and his favorite player is Patrick Kane. Cognitive dissonance is a bear.