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2012 NHL Draft Results: VIDEO: 2012 Blues Draft Puglist Nick Walters In Fourth Round

The Blues have never been a team of shrinking violets. From the guys that roughed up the Flyers and who inspired the Broad Street Bullies to the current team that sports a captain who isn’t afraid of playing with an edge, the Blues have always had a blue collar, hardscrabble work ethic. They drafted someone today that, if he makes the big club down the road, perfectly fits that mold.

Defenseman Nick Walters isn’t known as a scorer, despite netting 12 assists and 18 points last season in the WHL. As his fight card shows, he’ll drop the gloves. He had seven fights last season, and five fights the season before that. His last fight came on March 23rd against Jordan Messier, second cousin of Mark Messier.

The fight itself isn’t a big to-do, but Walters’ hit sure as heck is.

A quick Google search for Nick Walters returns a ton of hardscrabble fight videos. Blues fans should be pleased, but only if he has the discipline to do them when they count.