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2012 NHL Draft Grades: St. Louis Given Mediocre Grade After Jordan Schmaltz Pick

Draft grades are usually based on speculation more than anything, especially in sports like the NHL where prospects often take a year or more in the minor systems or colleges before they head to the big league club. That said, 'reaching' for prospects will almost always earn you bad grades from analysts and the St. Louis Blues' pick of Jordan Schmaltz is one such selection.

SB Nation's NHL Draft Grades, released shortly after the final round of the second day, give the Blues a mediocre C+ grade because of the Schmaltz pick, a pick that has a lot of boom or bust potential and surprised a lot of people:

St. Louis Blues: The pick of Jordan Schmaltz is going to be heavily debated -- he might be a great all-around defenseman once he makes the NHL, or he might be a major reach who will struggle to develop. Most expected him to go much later in the draft, with ISS ranking him 45th among North American skaters. C-

Going 'off the board' has worked for a lot of teams in the past but until Jordan actually makes it to the big leagues to ply his trade, the selection by the Blues will get panned by some and questioned by many more. That's just how the NHL draft works, and the Blues are hoping that in a few years they end up having the last laugh.

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