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Blues Lock Up Extremely Important Free Agent In Darren Pang

Lost in the whole off-season kerfluffle of if Barret Jackman was coming back, or how long T.J. Oshie's contract offer is going to be was the fact that the Blues had an impending free agent that it was paramount to lock up. Well, worry no more, Blues fans. The Fox Sports Midwest broadcasts will not have a new look next season, as Darren Pang has renewed his contract and will remain in the broadcast booth as color analyst with John Kelly. Panger mentioned this tonight on KTRS' Hockey Tonight program.

Darren Pang also moonlights with NBC and TSN, most notably for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Winter Classic. This past off-season he was trusted to interview members of the Los Angeles Kings and got lost in the locker room celebration. Here's hoping that soon he'll be interviewing his own team instead of the guys that swept the Blues out of the postseason.