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Blues Sign Jack Adams Winning Coach Ken Hitchcock To Contract Extension

It was practically a no-brainer for Blues’ GM Doug Armstrong to re-sign Ken Hitchcock. WIthout firing former coach Davis Payne and bringing Hitchcock aboard, there’s a chance that Armstrong doesn’t win GM of the year, and there’s an even bigger chance that the Blues don’t finish the season second in the Western Conference.

Hitchcock has been re-upped through the 2013-2014 season, with an option for the following year. Hitchcock, is just the sixth coach to lead the Blues to a 100 point season, and this year’s was the first in over a decade.

Said Hitch regarding the extension:

“Regardless of what happens in a few years, I want to stick around for a long time. This is it for me. This is my last stop,” Hitchcock said. "I want this to be a successful franchise for the next 10 or 15 years, and I want to be part of it even if I’m not coaching. "

Someone’s bought into what Doug Armstrong’s preaching, and it’s not just Hitchcock. It should be the fans, as well. With that level of determination from a coach as good as Hitch, bright things are in the future.