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2012 NHL Free Agency: Blues Interested In Stars' Brenden Morrow?

The Blues haven't made a major signing (unless you're a Peoria Rivermen fan) so far this off-season, nor have they made a splash in the trade market. There are rumors of the latter drought ending, however, with the Blues possibly interested in the captain of the Dallas Stars, Brenden Morrow.

It's assumed that Jason Arnott will not be returning to the fold, and there hasn't been any word regarding Jamie Langenbrunner re-signing like he would like to, so the Blues need some veteran grit. Morrow would supply that. He's 33, but doesn't shy away from anything. He's gritty, he goes to the net, and absolutely has no problem with putting a team on his back if he needs to. Unfortunately, he's also showing twice his age. As Brandon Worley over at Defending Big D, SB Nation's Dallas Stars blog points out:

A degenerative back injury has increasingly gotten worse and is responding less and less to treatment and this season it came crashing down, leading to a point where Morrow would struggle just to turn his head.

Oh, swell. Morrow might do what he can this off-season to improve his conditioning, but if there're nerve issues there, changing your work-out isn't going to fix things. Morrow doesn't let up in his play, and while that'd make him a great role model and a good compliment for the team's style, that could also exacerbate things. There's minimal chance that the Blues have to give up any big pieces for Morrow, but is a trade for someone oft-injured with the potential for more worth it?

Greg Wyshynski points out that Morrow is a good alternative for teams who don't land Shane Doan. Doan, obviously is free, while Morrow would involve trading picks and probably a prospect or two away for someone who is a UFA after this season. Would it be worth it for the Blues to do that for a guy who, when healthy, could be a key piece of a playoff run? If the Blues had a crystal ball that said Morrow would be healthy, then yes. Unfortunately, it's a big risk to take for a position on a team that's already well covered at left wing.