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Need Justin Bieber Tickets? The Blues Can Help You Out

I'm pretty sure that this might skew a bit young for our demographic here at SB Nation St. Louis, but just in case you folks have a kid who has Bieber Fever or know someone who does, here's a chance for some pretty good seats to his October 27th concert to benefit a good cause. The Blues are raffling off some pretty sweet seats (section 103, Row A, seats 9 and 10) for the Fourteen Fund. The Fund, founded to honor Doug Wickenheiser, who passed away in 1999, will be collecting for youth programs in the metro St. Louis Area. Tickets are $10 and a winner will be drawn on August 31st. To test your luck, head to the official Scottrade Center website to purchase.


If you're an out-of-town fan, have no fear. The prize also includes airfare and hotel.