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Tony La Russa Leaves St. Louis Cardinals Guessing

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This is supposed to be the week in which Tony La Russa states, formally, whether or not he'll return to the St. Louis Cardinals for a sixteenth season, and it still might be—just not yet, or at least not as of this morning. This is baseball news between the elimination and the Hot Stove League: Tony La Russa is back home in California, and still not updating his Twitter about anything but what fans of The Format might call Dog Problems.


I still remain firmly in the pro-Tony camp, but most of the other tents appear to have vanished sometime between 2006 and this morning. I'd rather have the Hall of Fame devil I know than the utility infielder I don't know; I'm of the opinion that all managers have Their Guys and make infuriating decisions, and at least I can assume that La Russa has done something, in his career, to make up for his own. But we don't know yet.