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Mike Quade's The New Old Chicago Cubs Manager

This is maybe not as exciting as the Tony La Russa announcement - or more exciting, depending on how you feel about Tony La Russa - but erstwhile interim guy Mike Quade has been named the Chicago Cubs' permanent manager.


I'm a little surprised by the move, if not disapproving; it seemed like Ryne Sandberg had already been coronated when Quade was brought on board to finish out the season after Lou Piniella's early exit. Sandberg says he's "disappointed" by the move, as are, I don't doubt, a lot of 30- to 40-year-old Cubs fans. But prestigious name aside there isn't a lot separating the two candidates, and the Cubs' strong finish the season might have made the difference in favor of Quade.


For what it's worth, if you're an Internet-only baseball fan: it's pronounced KWAH-dee. Luckily for me, until I inadvertently heard it on TV I didn't have a lot of reasons to talk about the Cubs' interim manager. I proceeded to pretend I knew it all along, and now you can, too.