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Previewing The Weekend In Saint Louis Sports

As we head into our first true weekend of jeans and sweaters weather, a look around into the goings ons in the Saint Louis sports scene.

Friday October 1st:

Colorado Rockies v. St Louis Cardinals

Which was a greater insult for Felipe Lopez? Just being flat out fired by the Cards or when they brought in literally the worst hitter in baseball to replace him at third base? I don't think I'd show up to work on time if the networking equivalency of Pedro Feliz took over one of my projects, either. I just can't blame the idiot.

High School Football, um... everywhere.

The one thing I like about Texas over Missouri/Illinois: Their creepy obsession with High School football. Saint Louis needs more creepy things. Frank Cusumano can only do so much.

The 27th Annual Belleville, IL Chili Cookoff

You may say cooking 700 gallons of chili is not a sport. To which I'd say: Shut up. If generic rock music, hoosiers and chili don't get your blood going, get out of my country.

Saturday October 2nd:

Ohio State v. Illinois

Remember when the Illini beat the top rated Buckeyes in 2007? Keep that memory in the front of your mind while Illinois is down 53-6 in the third quarter.

Colorado Rockies v. St Louis Cardinals

Hey, it's "Stand for Stan" day! I'd feel a lot more excitement about this ongoing campaign if I didn't have two creeping suspicions: 1) This is some sort of political ploy by the DeWitt family, and B) they are somehow making money off of it.

Drive By Truckers at The Pageant

Not sports? Pschhhhhh.... They're only in town to celebrate the birthday of the internet's best baseball beat writer, Matthew Leach.

Dallas Stars v. St Louis Blues

The Blues "pay half of your season tickets now, half when we clinch the playoffs" idea is easily the best idea a pro team has had here in the last decade. More of this in the future, please.

Sunday October 3rd:

Seattle Seahawks v. St Louis Rams

Has any town every been so excited about a 1-2 football team? I guess it looks better than 7-44 (their record since 2007). Regardless, the lack of apathy about professional football from the general public in Saint Louis is refreshing. Just don't get those hopes up too high, folks.

Colorado Rockies v. St Louis Cardinals

The final game in this misguided, frustrating, wasted campaign of 2010 is started by.... Jeff Suppan.

Yep, that about sums it all up in a neat little package.