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World Series Game One: Edgar Renteria 1-For-3 In World Series Return

I wouldn't say former St. Louis Cardinal Edgar Renteria was key to the San Francisco Giants' Game One World Series victory over the Texas Rangers, but he did nothing to damage his reputation as World Series gadfly in their 11-7 win. Renteria, who was 9-for-31 and drove in the winning run as a 20-year-old in the 1997 World Series and went 5-for-15 as one of the only useful Cardinals in 2004, was 1-for-3 with two runs scored and an HBP in his game one start for the Giants. 


Renteria's 15 World Series hits are pretty impressive for a guy who's done it for three different teams and teetered on the edge of starter-dom for a few years now, but I'm afraid he has a ways to go to catch the leader—Yogi Berra, who had the benefit of a half-season's worth of World Series games, had 71. The active leader is Derek Jeter, who has 50 in 38 games. 


Which is to say that he would have been well-served playing for the New York Yankees, or else before there were three playoff series.