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MLB Rumors: Juan Uribe A Fit For St. Louis Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals braintrust probably remains fixed on Miguel Tejada, but Buster Olney's tweet Saturday opened up another front of the 2010 Hot Stove League rumor war: Juan Uribe, last seen accruing Veteran Magic as a member of the World Series champion San Francisco Giants.


Uribe does play third and short, and apparently does both pretty well. He's been a very useful player for the last two years. But I don't see Uribe fitting the Cardinals' gritty ideal any better than Brendan Ryan does, and given the three-year trough in his performance from 2006 to 2008 he seems like little more of a sure thing.


Uribe swings from his heels and plays what La Russa would likely consider dumb baseball; he was apparently difficult as a youngster but has now gotten the full Clubhouse Leader treatment, which is nice, but I can't see it lasting in the heat of a La Russa clubhouse. 


As a replacement for Felipe Lopez Uribe would be ideal, but he carries a lot of the same risks Lopez did. And lest we forget, the Cardinals only ended up with Flip on their roster because nobody was willing to spend more than $1 million on him.