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Ryan Theriot, "Finally On The Right Side" Of Cardinals-Cubs Rivalry

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Maybe it's just because his Baseball-Reference sponsorship is about how punchless he was as a Cub, or maybe he just really knows how to ingratiate himself with Cardinals fans, but Ryan Theriot has wasted no time burning his Chicago bridges on his way into town. Looks like there will be somebody new to boo and cheer indiscriminately when those rivalry games flash across the 2011 Cardinals schedule


After assuring KFNS that he was "finally on the right side of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry" Theriot says that he "always wanted to be a part of [the Cardinals' tradition]." Then he invokes the "baseball heaven" trope, thereby fully  The Best Fans In Baseball into a collective 


What's his scouting report? Hold onto your hat, Aaron Miles fans: "I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna play hard every day. I'm gonna give you guys as much as I got." The scrap—the hustle—the team-first mien—the desire to steal more bases. He throws a sop to us statheads by talking about the importance of getting on base, but I'm still going to be pissed off if the Cardinals non-tender Brendan Ryan.