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Albert Pujols' Contract Still Terrifying

Two weeks have passed since it first came out — maybe since it most recently came out — that the St. Louis Cardinals were ready to talk about negotiating some time in the future on Albert Pujols' contract. At the time, that was exciting news; for a Cardinals team that's seemed focused mostly on matters of internal discipline while the Milwaukee Brewers added Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum and the Cincinnati Reds — okay, the Cincinnati Reds signed Miguel Cairo to a two-year contract (Hi, Walt!) — the Pujols contract is the last thing holding them up from making plausible and potentially interesting future plans. 


But here we are two weeks later and Pujols remains unsigned, and the Cardinals remain focused on incredibly minor, lateral movements of the remaining infield deck chairs. 


I am waiting for the blade of the guillotine to come down on my neck — at this point I'm just curious to see what it feels like. Eight years, $200 million? Seven years, $200 million? Am I being too optimistic? Once my head is severed the Cardinals can't start making plans again. (That's where the metaphor breaks down...)