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Cliff Lee and the Washington Nationals Look To Drive Inflation

In a startling development at this afternoon's Winter Meetings the Federal Reserve disclosed plans to avert deflation by buying up Major League Baseball free agents at astounding prices, starting with Jayson Werth and continuing this afternoon with weird rumors that the Washington Nationals might pursue Cliff Lee.


I don't see this actually happening—Brian Cashman says the New York Yankees are "willing to get serious" in Winter Meetings negotiations with Lee and his agent, and as strange as the new free-wheeling Washington Nationals have made this free agent season I don't think they have the Grit and Veteran Experience to keep pace with Cashman when it comes to spending a ton of money on free agents, one right after the other.


But I hope it at least makes the Yankees sweat it out a little. Just not enough that they do something silly and the St. Louis Cardinals have to throw more money on the table to make Albert Pujols the highest-paid player in baseball. That's the moment where my desire to see the Yankees sweat gives way to my desire to stop sweating.