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Albert Pujols Contract Stalemate: More Would-Be News

For most natural disasters I realize this would be terrible advice, but with Albert Pujols's contract stalemate cresting over the top of year two I'm ready to offer it: Don't think too much about the Pujols situation until it blows up in your face. With tornadoes, hurricanes, or actual things that might blow up in your face, the usual constant-vigilance remains the right move. But there's no real Pujols news to report, which means Jayson Stark knows exactly as much as you and I.


A summary of what you and I and Stark know: Everybody wants Albert Pujols. He's the best player in baseball, and he's worth a lot of money—arguably the most money in baseball. The Cardinals should probably sign him, but they're justifiably worried about devoting record-breaking money to a guy who will be 31 next season.


For the second year in a row Pujols has insisted he doesn't want to talk about it after Spring Training, which is coming up. As a result, the Cardinals should try to get this deal done before Spring Training.


When you spread it out like news, it sounds more interesting than this. But Stark lays his cards on the table when he says that nothing has leaked from the negotiations. Until something does, the only news we'll get out of the Pujols contract negotiations is speculation that looks like news.