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Cardinals Vs. Brewers Score: David Freese Homers In Four-Run First

The St. Louis Cardinals scored first vs. the Brewers in Game 6 of the NLCS, with Lance Berkman driving in Jon Jay on a one-out single, but it was David Freese's three-run home run—a rare pull-shot to left field—that put the Milwaukee Brewers down by a score of 4-0 to start this must-win return to Miller Park. Shaun Marcum continued to struggle with what appeared to be diminished stuff, a tag that's dogged him since September. The Cardinals actually might have been shorted a run on the inning—Albert Pujols was called out on an impossibly close play at home plate, where instant replays appeared to show him safe. 

Edwin Jackson takes the mound for the Cardinals in the bottom of the inning, looking to be the first St. Louis starter all series to reach the sixth inning. If that doesn't happen—well, the Cardinals' incredible expanding bullpen has been rested for a full day. Corey Hart homered in the first inning to make it 4-1, so anything could yet happen.