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St. Louis Cardinals Score: Brewers Remove Shaun Marcum After Four-Run First

The Milwaukee Brewers exercised the kind of quick hook you only see in elimination games Sunday night in Game 6 of the NLCS, removing Shaun Marcum following a first inning in which the beleaguered starter allowed four runs to the St. Louis Cardinals, culminating in a three-run home run from postseason hero David Freese. Chris Narveson, part of the 2004 trade that sent Larry Walker to the Cardinals, came into the game and struck out two second-inning batters before allowing a solo home run to Rafael Furcal, extending the Cardinals' lead to 5-1. 

Of course, the half-inning after Edwin Jackson allowed another leadoff home run to Rickie Weeks, and the run-scoring continued. With a day off and home runs looking to be at something less than a premium it's good news for both teams that the heavily used bullpens had a full travel day to rest their weary arms. Only Game 7 starters Chris Carpenter and Yovani Gallardo are likely to be off-limits in a game that could decide the National League pennant winners.