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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score: St. Louis Bullpen Can't Hold Lead, Series Tied Going To Texas

The St. Louis Cardinals’ bullpen finally sprung a leak after a postseason filled with sterling performances, and the offense wasn’t up to the task as Game 2 of the 2011 World Series goes to the Texas Rangers by a score of 2-1. Early trouble for Jason Motte in the ninth inning—protecting a 1-0 lead—led to two consecutive sacrifice flies for the Rangers, who had been stymied by Jaime Garcia for the game’s first seven innings. Allen Craig drove in the lone run for the Cardinals, who head to the Ballpark in Arlington with the series tied at one game apiece.

Things were nearly different, although the box score doesn’t show it: Albert Pujols just missed a solo home run on a night when nothing seemed to carry through the chilly air at Busch Stadium. But almost is rarely enough for a home run, and the front of the Cardinals’ batting order combined to go just 2-17 for Jaime Garcia, who went 7 shutout innings before being pulled for Craig.

The Cardinals and Rangers reconvene in Texas on Saturday, when rehabilitated swingman Matt Harrison goes up against an as-yet-determined Cardinals starter.