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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score: Molina Doubles, Redbirds Up 8-4 In World Series Game 3

Yadier Molina's double in the top of the fifth inning gave the St. Louis Cardinals their second five-run lead of the night, but anybody who's watched Game 3 of the World Series thus far was justifiably uncomfortable with a score of 8-3 with four innings left to play at the Ballpark in Arlington. No wonder: The Rangers immediately got back on the board against Cardinals relief ace Fernando Salas when Michael Young Charlie Browned David Freese at third base, driving in Elvis Andrus with nobody out.

Molina's double gave him his first RBI of the World Series and his fifth of the 2011 postseason. Molina, who was just 21 when the Cardinals lost to the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 World Series, is a career .291 hitter with 16 RBI, 12 doubles, and three home runs in a postseason career spanning five separate postseason runs. The way things look so far in Game 3, the Cardinals might need him to drive in 16 runs in this particular game if they want to pull ahead 2-1 in this best-of-7 series.