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World Series 2011 Game 4 Preview: Start Time, TV Schedule And More

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers continue their series at the Ballpark in Arlington for Game 4 of the World Series—here's the start time, the starters, and a single dab of context.

The 2011 World Series stops for no man: Sunday night the St. Louis Cardinals will attempt to go up three games to one on the Texas Rangers at the Ballpark in Arlington, a day after Albert Pujols's three home runs led to a 16-7 victory. Edwin Jackson, the Cardinals' major trade acquisition, will go up against breakout southpaw Derek Holland in a mutual attempt to not produce a second football score in a row. The game starts, as ever, at 7:05 PM CDT on FOX, the official network of being really disappointed that the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox can't both play in the World Series in the same year.

The Cardinals won the bloodbath Sunday, but they were similarly scathed—Kyle Lohse was unable to get out of the fourth inning, with the Cardinals burning Lance Lynn and possibly Octavio Dotel in the ensuing scramble for innings. With Jake Westbrook lurking in the bullpen the Cardinals are likely to have an equally short leash with Jackson, despite losing two of their top right-handed relievers.