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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score Update: Adrian Beltre Homers To Tie Game At 2

Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers dropped down to one knee and punished a Chris Carpenter offering for a two-out solo home run to tie Game 5 of the 2011 World Series at two in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Not that SB Nation ever advises putting stock into the things Tim McCarver says (our motto isn’t "sports for smart people", but at least it wouldn’t be inaccurate) but here’s what Fox’s color commentator had to say about the game tying homer: "Beltre only does that on breaking balls as he follows that pitch going down, down, down". Looks like somebody owned that self-titled blink-182 album from 2003.

Carpenter has allowed six hits and two earned runs through six innings, while striking out three and walking one. If not for that control, these solo shots by the Rangers could potentially be much more damaging.

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