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World Series 2011 Game 6 Preview: Start Time, TV Schedule And More

The St. Louis Cardinals host the Texas Rangers in Busch Stadium on Wednesday night as they hope to force a World Series Game 7.

Okay, St. Louis Cardinals fans, let's just take a deep breath here. You've got one, maybe two, more games to win a World Series championship. That's more than pretty much any other team can say, so you've got that. But if things don't end in a neat package topped with a bow on Wednesday night, just take solace in the peace of witnessing such a fantastic set of baseball games. We could've always done worse.

With the Texas Rangers leading 3-2 going into Wednesday night's game in St. Louis, the Cardinals truly have their backs against the wall. This could be it for the 2011 season. And arguably more importantly, this could be it for Albert Pujols: St. Louis Cardinal. So we should all probably take a big gulp of whatever they're selling tonight, because it's going to be something special either way. If they win, we're treated to a Game 7.

If they lose, well, it's going to be quite the scene watching Pujols walk off the field as the Rangers celebrate. It could be the last image we have of him in a Cardinals uniform. Yes, that was a collective shiver from the Cardinals fan base that you felt there. Tonight's game begins at 7:05 p.m. CDT and is being broadcasted on Fox.

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