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2011 World Series: Postponement Fans Chris Carpenter Game 7 Fire

The St. Louis Cardinals could start Chris Carpenter in Game 7 of the 2011 World Series, following Game 6's weather-related postponement.

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St. Louis Cardinals fans disappointed by Game 6's postponement have taken one consolation from the cancelation: Game 7 of the 2011 World Series is now the official game of Chris Carpenter speculation. Carpenter started Game 5 in Texas and was predictably outstanding; now that Game 7's been bumped from Thursday to Friday night he'd be available on four days' rest, potentially obviating the need to trust in the 88-mile-an-hour fastball of Kyle Lohse for a second World Series start.

Carpenter has been agitating to pitch again in the World Series from the moment he got off the mound after Game 5, so it's hard to imagine he was too heartbroken over news of the Game 6 postponement. Carpenter led the National League in innings pitched in the regular season, with 237.1, and has thrown 30 more in five postseason starts, but he seemed no worse for wear in Game 5, which saw him allow two earned runs in seven innings. (Home runs have become an issue, however—he's allowed four in his last three starts.)