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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score Update: Matt Holliday's Takeout Slide Helps Tie Game

Matt Holliday giveth heartburn, and Matt Holliday taketh it away: An inning after Holliday made an awful error that led to the Texas Rangers taking a 3-2 lead in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series he helped the St. Louis Cardinals get that run out, executing a perfect takeout slide on Ian Kinsler to break up a double play and give the Cardinals the chance to score on a Yadier Molina ground out, tying the game at 3-3 through four innings.

Holliday reached base on four balls a moment after Lance Berkman reached on error, bowled Ian Kinsler over on a theoretically legal takeout slide after David Freese slapped a routine double play ball to second. The result was runners on first and third with just one out—which proved crucial when Yadier Molina hit a hard ground ball to third base, driving in a run on the groundout. 

The canonically bad baseball would continue, but at least for the moment Matt Holliday appeared to have evened up his own score.