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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score Update: Adrian Beltre, Nelson Cruz Go Deep, Rangers Lead 6-4

The St. Louis Cardinals managed to tie the game up at 4 with Yadier Molina's run-scoring walk in the bottom half of the sixth inning, but their lead hasn't lasted long. With one out in the top of the seventh inning, the Rangers' star hitters did what star hitters are supposed to do: hit home runs. Nelson Cruz followed up Adrian Beltre's solo home run with one of his own, pushing the Rangers back ahead of the Cardinals 6-4.

In a game that's been loaded with mistakes ranging from dropping routine pop flies to getting picked off at third base with the bases loaded, those were two runs that were scored without any obvious errors. Well, other than the pitches themselves, thrown by Cardinals reliever Lance Lynn.

Lynn's managed to get out of the inning without inflicting further damage, but now the Cardinals are looking at a two-run deficit in possibly their final game of the season. They still have nine outs to see what they can do, but they've also only amassed three hits tonight and the Rangers might not be done scoring.

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