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Matt Holliday Injury: Cardinals Outfield Injures Finger, Pride In Game 6

The St. Louis Cardinals will be without Matt Holliday for the rest of Game 6 of the World Series, after their star outfielder injured his little finger in the course of getting picked off at third base in a crucial bases-loaded situation in the sixth inning. The Cardinals outfielder has had an incredibly rough game, making a critical error that led to an early run and looking uncomfortable at the plate; his only solid play in the game was a brilliant takeout slide of Ian Kinsler that led to the Cardinals' third run. 

Holliday has been dogged by strange injuries all season—he had an emergency appendectomy after the first game of the season and later found himself pulled from a game when an enormous moth flew into his ear and died. Even by that measure, however, his poor play in Game 6 is a strange aberration. The Cardinals replaced Holliday with Allen Craig, who is likely to start in Game 7 if necessary.