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Cardinals Vs. Rangers Score: David Freese Triples To Tie Game With Two Outs In Ninth

The St. Louis Cardinals staved off elimination for at least one more inning in an incredible postseason run, tying Game 6 of the 2011 World Series on David Freese's two-out triple that scored two to tie the game 7-7 against the Texas Rangers

Both teams were killed by mental errors throughout the game, but the Cardinals' were more numerous and more painful—a two-base error on Matt Holliday, who left a routine fly ball for Rafael Furcal to miss, and a whiffed infield fly ball from NLCS hero David Freese each cost the Cardinals a run they couldn't afford to lose, while the Texas Rangers were able to staunch the bleeding from Michael Young's various miscues much more quickly. 

But with Neftali Feliz on the mound the Cardinals had one more look at Albert Pujols, who hit one of his incredibly routine doubles to left-center to start a rally that continued with Lance Berkman walking. After Allen Craig struck out looking in a tough at-bat that saw him lace a near-double into the stands down the third base line, Freese laced a triple just past Nelson Cruz to drive in Pujols and Berkman, tying the game and setting Busch Stadium on fire.