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La Russa Yet To Name Cardinals' Game 7 Starter, Might Need To Replace Matt Holliday

In a Game 6 post-game press conference after the St. Louis Cardinals' exciting 10-9 comeback victory over the Texas Rangers on Thursday night, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa gave two vague updates regarding Friday's Game 7. The first nugget was in reference to a question about whether he had chosen his World Series Game 7 starter, to which he responded

"I just barely started to think about tomorrow. Actually it'll be fun to think about tomorrow because there is a game 7. Might just throw Jake [Westbrook] back out there. Who knows?"

All joking aside, most people expect staff ace Chris Carpenter to be named the starter later today, as Carpenter has told La Russa he is ready to pitch on three days rest for what would be the biggest game of his life.

The other note was on the status of OF Matt Holliday, who injured his hand during Game 6. La Russa offered the following update after the game:

"We thought at first he had fractured it, but I was told by the trainer later that it's not a fracture. I think it's swelling and he's got a pretty good bruise there. So it may be we need to replace him tomorrow.

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