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World Series Game 6 TV Ratings Down From The Last Game 6 In 2009

The Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals have put on show in this World Series, but is anyone watching? The games have been spectacularly entertaining in their own right, including a thrilling come-from-behind win for the Cardinals in Game 6, but for some reason people aren’t tuning in at the same rate as in the past.

@darrenrovelldarren rovell
Last ratings #: Last night’s Game 6 was down -11% from Game 6 in ’09 which was the last time the WS had a game 6

Rovell was quick to note that much of the problem stems from market size. In 2009, the primary markets were Philadelphia and New York, while this World Series draws from home team markets in St. Louis and Dallas/Ft. Worth that are less than half the size.

At any rate, there is no good reason for viewers around the nation to miss Game 7, so hopefully ratings will see a boost with the prospect of a do-or-die matchup looming.