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2011 World Series Game 7 Lineups: Cardinals Bat Allen Craig Second With Matt Holliday Injured

The lineup for the St. Louis Cardinals' final MLB game of the 2011 season is out:

  1. Ryan Theriot, 2B
  2. Allen Craig, LF
  3. Albert Pujols, 1B
  4. Lance Berkman, RF
  5. David Freese, 3B
  6. Yadier Molina, C
  7. Rafael Furcal, SS
  8. Skip Schumaker, CF
  9. Chris Carpenter, P

The Cardinals got some bad news earlier today when they had to remove left fielder Matt Holliday from the playoff roster, bringing back outfielder Adron Chambers. As a result, Allen Craig, who had an impressive 2011 season during limited action -- and who has been crucial to the Cardinals' postseason success -- takes his place starting in left field.

David Freese -- who played hero in Game 6, hitting a game-saving triple and a game-winning homer -- moves up from No.6 to No. 7 in the lineup following the departure of Holliday.

Meanwhile, Ryan Theriot gets the start and the lead-off spot against lefty Matt Harrison. Theriot hit a strong .310/.356/.413 against lefties in 2011.

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