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Albert Pujols Injury: Pujols Limps, Goes 2-5 In Cardinals Win Sunday

You might be worried about Albert Pujols's apparent injury—his limping all around the basepaths is even worse than usual in the first two games of the St. Louis Cardinals' NLDS against the Philadelphia Phillies—but one thing is for certain after the Cardinals' Game 2 victory, in which Pujols was caught off base twice because of his usual ambitiousness: He isn't. Telling the postgamers that "Nothing hurts during the postseason" and running with his usual brusqueness, Pujols hasn't yet hit a really Pujolsian line drive but he's done everything else to suggest that he won't let what's bothering him bother him.

Maybe that's what makes Albert Pujols Albert Pujols and me a blogger. The guy isn't a machine, but he's determined to pretend he's one. Despite limping like ASIMO for the better part of his career Pujols always seems to play as though he's at 100%. Sometimes it means he gets thrown out because of his intense belief that he's way faster and more invisible than he really is, but I have to think it's worth the risk to see him act like nothing hurts when he's clearly lying.