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St. Louis Cardinals World Series Parade: Weather Windy But Dry For Victory Lap

One of the problems that comes with playing baseball deep into October—generally, I think, a Good Thing—is that when it comes time to hold the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series Parade, it's going to be held deep in October. This is, admittedly, something I'm willing to deal with. The good news is that Sunday promises some manageable parade weather: By 4 PM, as of Sunday morning, the Weather Channel types are expecting 63 degrees, some manageable wind, and just a 20% chance of rain.

People ready to follow the World Series parade route without their Cardinals-logo ponchos should keep in mind, of course, that in August the Cardinals were given a less-than-one-percent chance of making the postseason, let alone winning one of the most absurd World Series in memory against a favored Texas Rangers team. Just something to think about.

For more Cardinals parade information, including photos and hopefully some Mark Madsen-like dancing, follow along with SB Nation St. Louis, the only regional news site still working off its institutional World Series hangover.