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St. Louis Cardinals Parade: Live Streaming On Fox Sports Midwest

Fox Sports Midwest is live streaming the St. Louis Cardinals World Series Parade, which is great news for anybody still dealing with the after-effects of the Cardinals' improbable, incredibly exciting World Series victory. The ultimate hangover tonic: Live video of crowds raining applause on David Freese and Jason Motte. Oh, and Corey Patterson

The parade is to be followed by a rally at Busch Stadium, and is being broadcast by Al Hrabosky and Jim "The Cat" Hayes. Footage at the stadium shows a big, rowdy crowd ready to cheer on every last thing anybody related to the St. Louis Cardinals says. 

And look, I'm not saying that I've heard Albert Pujols will announce he's signing a 10-year, $10 million deal to remain the St. Louis Cardinals' first baseman as well as the new Mayor of St. Louis, but it's a possibility—these rallies bring out the best in people, especially people who like to dance so as to prove their ethnicity or attempt to get some swearing past the regional sports network censors.