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Cardinals World Series Parade: David Freese Got St. Louis Call In A Burger King

Everyone wants a piece of David Freese at the St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series Parade—he’s already received keys to the city and county, which gives him the rare chance to bring the city back to prominence by unifying the tax bases. But all he managed to reveal during his celebratory speech at the Busch Stadium rally was this: He got the call from John Mozeliak revealing he’d been traded to his hometown Cardinals at a Burger King in California.

David Freese is one of us! He sits around at Burger King not doing anything when he’s not at work! Of course, when he is at work he single-handedly wins World Series games and sets a postseason record for RBI and gets keys to two separate political entities with the same name without raising an eyebrow about it, because he’s from St. Louis and he knows.

But aside from that—I, too, have gotten important calls at a Burger King. David Freese is nothing if not a man of the people.