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Albert Pujols Contract Talk Can't Derail World Series Parade

The St. Louis Cardinals have won the 2011 World Series, and I hate to break it to everybody but all season long the next thing on the Cardinals PTI scroll in the sky has been Albert Pujols's contract talks—what they would look like, with whom, and how fraught. The good news is that they failed to ruin the World Series Parade: When asked by Mike Claiborne if there was any reason the Cardinals couldn't do this all again next year, Pujols said—completely aware of the spot he'd been put on—said, "Hey, why not?"

And so a rallying cry was born. Should the Cardinals throw the key to their Scrooge McDuck vault at Pujols and tell him to take whatever he wants, so long as he's ready to be Albert Pujols on April 1? Hey, why not?

So long as Lance Berkman continues to feed the media carefully selected quotes about getting him back into a Cardinals uniform, the proper response to any and all proposals about Albert Pujols remaining a Cardinal is now "Hey, why not?" Because, hey, why not?