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Albert Pujols Will Be Doing Something For The St. Louis Cardinals For The Last Time

St. Louis Cardinals fans watching the NLCS on national television for the next week, I have some sad and only occasionally free-agency-related news for you: Albert Pujols is going to be doing something for the Cardinals—perhaps for the last time!—all the freaking time this week. For instance: There's a pretty fair chance that this is one of the last games he ever plays against the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Championship Series.


It's certainly the last time he'll do it in the midst of a mock-furor about Zack Greinke saying the Brewers don't like a guy who seems to relish other teams not liking him. It could be the last time he reaches the NLCS while limping around like he's had both his legs crushed in an industrial accident. 


Worst of all, if he comes back to Busch Stadium—given what we know about ongoing contract negotiations between the two parties—it could be the last time he ever plays a home game for the Cardinals. While the public is transfixed by a Twitter novelty account about the Busch squirrel, I mean. I don't know about anything else, but the Cardinals are going to have to open up DeWallet to keep that squirrel around.