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St. Louis Cardinals Introduce Mike Matheny As New Manager

In a press conference held earlier today, the St. Louis Cardinals officially announced Mike Matheny will manage the team in 2012.

Matheny -- who has spent five years working in the Cardinals organization, but not as a manager -- appeared very grateful for the opportunity:

"I loved to play the game of baseball and I believe all the experiences I've learned up to this point, from the field and off the field, have led me to this point right now, to be what I was made to be," Matheny said. "And as I sit here as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, I have to tell you, this is the greatest honor of my life."

The Cardinals had been searching for a new manager when Tony La Russa -- a likely first-ballot member of the Hall of Fame -- retired October 31st following the team's improbable World Series victory.

Matthew Leach of suspects the hiring should not have a negative impact on the Cardinal's chances to land free agent slugger Albert Pujols, who may be swayed by the managerial choice in St. Louis:

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