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Did The Miami Marlins Offer Albert Pujols $225 Million?

The new look Miami Marlins have been the talk of baseball's free agency so far this off season, having reportedly made offers to Jose Reyes, Ryan Madson, Mark Buehrle and, of course, Albert Pujols. Whether the Marlins are completely serious about significantly boosting their payroll remains to be seen, though we may have a better idea of just how badly they want to be in the race for Pujols.

According to Yahoo's Tim Brown, the Marlins offered Pujols a nine year deal. Although the terms of the deal have not been disclosed or reported, if the Marlins made a competitive offer for Pujols' services, that would put them somewhere in the area of $225 million over the lifetime of the contract, a number that would surpass the Cardinals' reported best offer. Maybe neither Pujols or the Marlins are really serious about him making a shocking move to Miami, but if this report is indeed true, they may not be messing around.

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