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St. Louis Cardinals Offseason: Did Albert Pujols Lie About His Age?

According Jon Heyman, the Miami Herald suggested this morning that the Miami Marlins believe Albert Pujols may have lied about his age:

@SI_JonHeyman: Dan lebatard writes in miami herald, marlins believe pujols is older than 31. me: wonder if they asked him that question (doubt it)

A free agent this offseason, Pujols has long been one of the league's most durable and effective first baseman. He has played over 140 games in every season starting in 2001, collecting an impressive 445 home runs to go with a .328/.420/.617 slash.

Albert Pujols has played each of his 11 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals, but several teams, including the Cards and Marlins, have been courting Pujols. According to the league records, Pujols was 21 when he entered the league in 2001, making him 32 at the beginning of next year.

Reports of the Marlins' suspicion have yet to be confirmed.

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