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Albert Pujols Contract Talks Continue, Terrifyingly

Now we come to the scary part of the St. Louis Cardinals' continued efforts to sign Albert Pujols: The part of the ordeal where John Mozeliak has to act like he and the Cardinals totally have other things to do if Pujols and tenuously positioned agent Dan Lozano have better things to do. According to Derrick Goold, the Cardinals are looking for clarity as to their Pujols-signing chances so that they'll be able to get on to other important things. 


Like, you know, signing Octavio Dotel, and deciding if any free agent shortstop will be fooled by the idea that the Cardinals are considering starting Tyler Greene at shortstop on Opening Day 2012. 


This is a little like John Mozeliak calling Albert Pujols around 11:30 at night, ice cream scoop in one hand, telling him that, look, it's been great but he just can't play this game anymore, he's far too busy doing cool things for it, and look, you're not breaking up with me, I'm breaking up with YOU. And yet, somehow, I'm still strangely optimistic about this whole thing, even if the Cubs really are bidding.