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St. Louis Cardinals Free Agency: Rafael Furcal Signs Two-Year Deal Worth $14 Million

The St. Louis Cardinals have made their first free agency move since losing Albert Pujols to the Los Angeles Angels earlier this week, and it’s—well, not exactly a doozy. Rafael Furcal is the newest old Cardinal, signing a two-year deal worth $14 million to be the Cardinals’ starting shortstop through 2013.

The Cardinals had earlier suggested they’d be okay with 2005 first-rounder Tyler Greene at shortstop, but his contact problems and Furcal’s afforability, not to mention the $20 million hole in their payroll, made the veteran move more likely. Greene is still likely to serve as Furcal’s primary backup at shortstop, with defensive whiz Ryan Jackson a year away at AAA Memphis.

Tyler Greene fans—they exist, and they have a blog—never fear: Given Furcal’s considerable injury history and Daniel Descalso’s left-handedness at second base, Greene, a tools-hound in need either of eyeglasses or a patch on the holes in his swing, is likely to see considerable time if he makes the team out of Spring Training. And maybe not even as a pinch-runner!